Event Design

Sugarland Symposium

Why repeat what has already been done?

As event designers, our job is to make things fresh and think outside the box. We did just that when our client brought us the idea of having a “Candyland” theme event. How can we create a fun and playful experience for adults without it feeling like a kid’s birthday party? Together, we brainstormed and brought to life “Sugarland”: a sophisticated, yet bold and enchanting take on Candyland.

Whimsical candy swirls and stripes, life-size gummy bears and giant stars filled the event venue as 700 guests enjoyed a fun three-hour symposium party after a full day of meetings. This colorful event was filled with delicious sweets, treats and drinks as they mingled under 16’ purple LED trees.  We took a modern and elevated twist on the theme by providing our sophisticated client with décor they had not seen before. Inflatables can often be categorized as childish, yet we were able to use them in a sophisticated way to allow the adult guests to experience their inner child.

This tailor-made design created an unforgettable experience for all guests and made for one ecstatic client!

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